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Although when it comes to social media channels we all have so much enough time for this. Every single person across the globe use Social Media for their different kinds of purposes just like managing their business, doing hookups with their friends and there are many things which you can do on social media.

There are lots of social media websites which provides you a particular space for your personality. When we talk about social media everyone just started about thinking Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp etc. But there is also a one more social media platform is there which also provides you, your own personal space.

Yes! I’m talking about Instagram, Instagram is the world famous social media platform for sharing your pictures and videos and many more things. There you can also get some stickers which you can use to edit your photos and make them more attractive.

Here I’m gonna give you the brief about the Instagram App just  like when it is launched and some other things which you must know about the Instagram as you are daily user of it.

  • Instagram is created by Kevin Systrom and  Mike Krieger on October 6 2010. This Facebook Owned social media app is launched just for shairng Pictures and Videos only at that time.
  • In just matter of time withing 24 hours it becomes number 1 app in the App store and iPhone App of the week.
  • Instagram has created the world record as quickest to reach 1 million downloads  on the December 1 2010.
  • Withing this time this app also introuced 7 new languages.
  • An Instagram photo is also made the cover of Wall street journal.
  • Passed 25 Million downloads in March 2012, and it’s really very huge.

So let me share with you all those this that why everyone flocking to Instagram? What does it actually do? Well down here is a quick guide that everyone must read before using Instagram.

Instagram – Popular Social Media Quick Guide

The first things you have to do is just go to the app store and and download Instagram into your mobile phone. Setup your account and Choose a username and upload profile pic.

The First Common Thing – Photo Sharing

Yes this is the major one feature of Instagram that everyone already knows about. You can take pictures using the app or you can also share those images which are already stored into your mobile gallery. You can share photo as instanlty  by giving a pefect caption on that which s helpful or fun. While sharing your pictures on Intagram you can also apply some popular filters on you  pictures to make them more attractive than before.

After editing you picture The app will ask you to give your picture a appropriate caption or with the location at where you have clicked the picture.

Coolest Thing – Photo Editing

Everyone must already knows about the filters. Filters is the thing which can make your pictures more attractive and amazing. Every single social media app have their own photo filters to share.

One of the most common and cool thing about the Instagram is the photo editing software which they provides to their users. In this app there are 11 popular filters which you an used to make your picture more attractive. Even boring pictures can look more amazing after applying these filters.

A Popular Social Network Connectivity

Just like other social media websites, Instagram too have some major fatures to connect people around the world. Just like other social media sites Instagram is based arond on friends and followers, you can followe people or other can also follow you.

At the top of the profile you can see the username, profile pic, how many photos have uploaded by the user. You can also see that how many followers does the user have and how many people does the user follow. When you start follow someone his/her photos will comes into your Instagram New Feed.

Follow Some Popular People Around The World

Just like other popular social media websites, you can also sync your contacts to see who is from your contact list is using Instagram and once you hae completed with this section. You can find your friends in this app.

Instagram will also allows you to sync your twitter and facebook profile on Instagram to see which your social media friends are using Instagram. There is an another option in Instagram which is you can also Invite your friends on Instagram whom are not using Instagram yet.  Here I’m gonns share with you the two major things which I do to find someone on Instagram.

  • The Popular Pages Having Lots of Followers.
  • By Watching people which are leaving some crazy comments in some pictures in my news feed.

The popular one will show you some pcitures which currently have the  most number of likes. You can click on any photo on the popular page and see all the other photos posted by that person, and many times you will want to follow. It takes a lot of followers to end up on the popular page, so they’re usually pretty good photographers.

From all those popular pages I too looke on some photos on which people starts commenting some crazy stuffs or we can say some coolest comments on all those pictures.

I also tend to look on the profiles which have some coolest username, as we all know that username is one of the most common thing which seen by every single person out there. Instagram is not about just promoting your personal brand.

However on Instagram you can also get in touch with your famous celebrities and get even knows about the daily lifestyle of them. Because all popular celebrities are using Instagram these days.

After knowing all these major and popular features of Instagram, no wonder Instgram is one of the most famous and amazing social media app which allows you to connect with the people around the world.

Here I’m gonna share some crazy thing about the Instagram like how it is started and the handsome man behind it.

History of Instagram – A World Popular Social Media App

From the very start, as we all already knows that Instgram was founded on 10 October 2010. Instagram was set to a success story as it got more than 1 million usersin just 2 Months after its launch.

There is only some people out there even I doesn’t even knows that Instagram is launched only for IOS users but after it available for Android too it becomes more popular around the world.

The behind Instagram app worked so much hard to making it more popular by adding more cool photo editing features and direct messaging option.

Here I’ve shared with you the complete success story of Instagram in the bulleting format.

  • Instagram is the number 1 photo sharing app for social media platform. It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010 and was later bought by the Facebook in 2012.
  • On October 10 2010 is the day when Instgram Launched by these people.
  • In December 2010 Instagram Reached the 1 Million users. After this Instagram becomes the number 1 app for reaching faster for 1 Million users in just two months.
  • These both two mans worked very hard to make this Social media popular this much popular.
  • On February 2013 Instgram reaches on its 100 Millions users and this time this becomes world record.
  • On April 9 2012 Facebook Buys Instagram.

After knwoing the full history behind the Succes story of Instagram, let’s start our major topic for which we are here. Yes! I’m talking about Free Instagram Followers. If you found any difficulty for using this tool to grow your Facebook Followers and be cool in front of your friends and colleagues.

Now down here I’m gonna share with you step by step method to use this Free Instagram Followers Generator to grow your instagram followers.

Free Instagram Followers Generator – Step By Step Method

In this busy social media world, everyone needs more popularity and more attraction towards him/her. Although you might try to increase some your Facebook or Instagram Followers by adding some #tags and tagging your friends into you pics. But what is the result at the end you got  there is no followers your profiles.

What, if we you got 5000 followers at a single time. You must be thankful to us after reading this full step by step method to increase your Instagram followers for free. So here I’m gonna share with you the full guide to increase your Instagram followers at a single time.

  • Firstly you have to click on the Generate Free Instagram Followers, which we have given above on the site. This is all what you need to get free followers on your Instagram Profile.
  • Then There will come a popup on your screen to asking for your Instagram username. If you found any difficulty to find your Insta username so you have to go to your profile into your Instagram App. On that screen at above of the page you will see your username. Copy it from there and paste into the popup screen which asking your Instagram username.
  • After entering your username click on the connect button and wait for a minute.
  • After that on the screen you will be able to see your profile page where you can see your numbmer posts and followers. You have to confirm that this accound belongs to you or not.
  • Next you will be asking that how much followers do you increase for your Instagram profile. Three options you will got first is for 1000 followers second is for 2500 followers and third is for 5000 followers. Is upto you how much followers you want to increase.
  • Cick on the “Sure go Ahead” button on the next screen you got. And then you have to wait for a minute.
  • You will instantly got the followers if you have fully verified human by the program. But if it will ask you to “Human Verification” so you must have to complete a task. For this click on the “Verify Now” button.
  • After that you will got a popup screen asking you to complete any 1 offer to verify you as a human.
  • Click on any offer you can complete and download the app which you will be ask for.
  • Once theis process will complete, You will instantly got the Instagram followers for free for your Insta Profile.

Easy or Not. You will getting Free 5000 Instagram followers by just doing a simple task. Well This is all waht we have for you Have a great time with your Social Media Life.