Welcome to our Instagram Likes page, here at Free Followers Today we like to be the “real deal” meaning we don’t just deliver Free Instagram Followers but we are now capable of delivering Instagram likes to your posts on Instagram. This is a new service offered by us however we are very happy to announce it will also be FREE just like our followers service, how great is that?

After experiencing high amounts of traffic to our Instagram Followers page we assumed the demand would be there for Instagram Likes so decided to create a system that can deliver Likes. Although we are still testing the system we have released it to see how it performs.

As you may know Instagram Likes are almost as important as Instagram Followers however without followers it’s usually quite hard to obtain organic likes. By using our system you will have a choice of anything from 50 – 5,000 Organic Likes on a single post.

To get started simply enter your Instagram username in the field below, then select a package which best suits you. They range from as little as 50 Likes – 5,000 likes so make sure to choose wisely. It is very important to note that as this is a new system it currently likes the most recent post you have made on Instagram so make sure you use our Like service only when you want to boost your most recent post on Instagram. This is however under development by our team and we are currently coding the system so you will be able to choose from your last 10 posts on Instagram, coming soon on V2.

Get up to 50,000 FREE Instagram Likes


By using our Free Instagram Likes service you will not have to provide your password meaning you account is fully safe and is at no risk of being hacked. We would also like to make you aware that the likes are currently only pointing at the most recent post on your Instagram account. For more information feel free to read this blog post regarding the current version of our liking system.

We do not disclose any information or usernames of accounts to any third part company for any reason. Your information is safe with us and always will be!

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As our Free Instagram Likes service is new to our site we have introduced a 24 Hour cool down period on which you will only be able to submit an order once a day. The reason Free Followers Today have implemented this feature is firstly because we don’t want to get any accounts banned so we thought it would be better to only let people generate once a day. The second reason is we are quite limited on followers and are currently working on building our inventory up. We hope you enjoy using our service, as usual if you have any issues get in touch here.