Welcome to our About Us page have a read about our website and team

How we was founded

Free Followers Today was founded in 2015 and are looking to be the leading follower service on the internet. We hate seeing all of these fake websites that offer free followers but instead make you complete a survey and give you nothing but stress. I myself have fallen for such a trap and we are happy to say that we are totally the opposite.

We deliver high quality followers and care about every customer that uses our website to gain fame. I have used many websites that sell Instagram followers which do work very well in my eyes but why pay for a service when you can get it free of charge and at a very high standard such as Free Followers today.

Simply head over to our Free Instagram Followers page and get started today, remember our service is safe and doesn’t require your password. Do not ever provide your password to a free following service like ours it is not required and the majority of websites that claim they require it will hack your account so be very careful.

We would hate to waste your time and not deliver so if you have any problems whilst using our system you can always use our contact page to get your issues resolved.

Fantastic Four

We are a group of four who are close friends and decided to create such a site to offer you Instagram fanatics free fame. Our team of four are constantly on Instagram I won’t disclose our names just in case we get some sketchy people adding us which I am sure you can understand.

All four of us have important roles on the website, we have one website developer who makes sure the site is running smooth and making sure everything is up to a high standard. All website updates will be completed by website developer.

We have a support member who answers and resolves all of your issues on our site this can be anything from order deliveries or general questions regarding our service.

Last but not least we have two founders myself and another friend who deals with any high priority issues such as making sure everything is running smoothly and customers are happy which is our main priority.

If you wish to know more about us feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


I’m Robert the proud Founder of Free followers today, I am very happy to bring this service to you guys and I hope you you enjoy using the service just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Robert Stellard

second founder

Hi I’m Dan, I am too a founder of Free followers today and am very proud of my position. I work very hard to give the best experience when using our site. I hope my picture didn’t burn your eyes too much.

Dan Innocent

web designer

Well hello there, I am Free Followers Today coder, I code anything they require and keep the site up to date, I have coded the system to deliver the followers to your account and work very closely with Michelle to resolve any problems. Give it a shot today.

Joe Lunner

Web Designer
support member

Hi I’m Michelle I deal with all of your general inquiries and problems and get them resolved as soon as I can. Hopefully you will never have any issues whilst using our service but if you do at least you know you’ll be speaking to a lovely lady like myself.

Michelle Clark